The Truth

It’s nothing but The Truth on this week’s episode of Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles. Celtics legend Paul Pierce talks growing up a Cali baller, from sneaking into the club with Snoop to his coach flying the Big Ticket in on a jumbo jet for the championship — Cali AAU ball is no joke. Then the guys dish about how it really feels to hear your name called on draft night. Q and D ask Paul what it was like to beat the Lakers in 2008, leadin to Truth’s true story about flaunting an MVP trophy in an L.A. restaurant, only to be humbled a few years later by a kid in a Johnny Rockets. Paul gives credit to the true unsung heroes of the game, naming some of the most underrated players from his time in the league. The trio compares the fiercely competitive culture of their playing days to the new generation’s chummy eagerness to swap jerseys and do business together. Darius shares a cautionary tale about taking it easy on Zo, an approach which hilariously backfired. Then the three get real about life in the league and the sacrifices that came with it, and Paul talks about what he feels when he sees his jersey up in the rafters of TD Garden alongside those of other Celtic greats. But the Knuckleheads couldn’t let The Truth head out before getting the low down on that time Paul hit the game winner at MSG that ended with Nate Robinson on the floor. And, of course, Quentin and Paul squash an old beef — it’s all respect out here on Knuckleheads.