Ball Don't Lie

Mr. “Ball Don’t Lie” himself, Rasheed Wallace is up in the joint for this week’s episode of Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles! Sheed breaks it alllll down. From those UNC vs. Duke rivalries, with his boy Stackhouse, all the way to the 2004 Finals, when he smelled the blood in the water after Game 4. And that feeling when they actually won? His whole life flashing before his eyes. Sheed breaks down all the reasons why Larry Brown is The Man. Then he goes back to that time he played just one game for Atlanta. How his first practice with the Celtics quickly turned into KG and Sheed trash-talking each other. The true secret to hooping in Air Force Ones. Who he has to thank for his jump shot. How he doesn’t think anyone will beat his record for technical fouls in a season (41 by the way). And how, yeah, sometimes that first technical foul did ignite him into that beast mode we all know and love. Sheed Wallace, ladies and gentlemen … tune in.