Block or Charge with Rex Chapman

Kentucky’s pride and joy — former pro baller and current social media influencer (according to his Wikipedia page, we swear) — Rex Chapman joins the guys for this week’s Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles. The episode is a combination of real talk and absolutely hilarious
stories: How Rex chose between Kentucky and Louisville; the pros and cons of being a young star; getting drafted by the Hornets; buying 70 pairs of underwear; the origins of “block or charge” and Rex’s Twitter fame; Prince; Michael Jordan’s hands, aka human vise grips; playing in Phoenix; the realities that come with getting injured; that time Steve Nash gave up some of his contract money to get Q a better deal; and that other time Rex rocked a gold-plated tooth. Yeah, that happened. Tune in
to catch all the stories from this Kentucky legend.