Thank You, Kobe

Welcome to Episode 16 of  Out of Context, a first-person video series self-recorded by All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman. Follow along each week as Richard shares his raw, unfiltered point of view on everything from football to social issues to personal passions.

When I tore my Achilles, I thought about Kobe Bryant.

I remembered that when he tore his Achilles, he walked off the court. Well … he came back, shot two free throws and then walked off the court. Straight up Mamba mentality. So when I tore my Achilles and somebody tried to help me off the field, I pushed them away like, Get off me! Kobe walked off. So I’m walking off, too.

Kobe has always been an inspiration to me. And tonight the Lakers will retire Kobe’s number 8 and number 24 jerseys. As they should.

Watch below as I say thank you to the Black Mamba.