I Wear My Emotions on My Sleeve

Welcome to Tuesdays with Richard on Thursdays, a video series featuring Seahawks All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman. Throughout the 2016 season, Richard will take you inside every aspect of his life, on and off the field. In this episode, as part of our Players’ POV series ,Richard discusses the emotional edge with which he plays.

I wear my emotions on my sleeve. That’s just who I am.

There’s an intensity level that you need to have to play this game at a high level. I think everybody shows their intensity differently. Sometimes guys get frustrated, and sometimes it comes out in the wrong way. And just like anything else, we correct it, we move on, and we continue to play.

That’s what we did on Sunday. On the field and on the sidelines, we corrected our mistakes, we continued to play, and we got a win.