Big Shot Bob

Seven. Read that again. Seven-time NBA Champion Robert Horry drops in for this week’s episode ofKnuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles. He comes in to set the record straight on Sexy Rexy and what really happened in Phoenix with the towel and Danny Ainge. But Big Shot Bob is a walking legend. A lot bigger than that moment. Truth. And so he leads us down the incredible pathway that led him to win NBA championships with three historic teams. We go from his days in Alabama to being drafted by the Rockets. He gives us insider knowledge on Dream. The reason why his Rockets would have beaten the Bulls. The series of trades that ultimately landed him in Los Angeles. What it was like playing with Peak Shaq and a young Kobe. Those shots he hit. What he thinks of his nickname. And man, we’re not even finished. Because Big Shot then travels to San Antonio to play with Duncan, Parker and Ginobili. Few played with so many legends and even fewer put up stat lines like Horry. His view of the game–and the game within the game–is original, distinct and nuanced. There’s a reason why this kid became the player you better get the rock to at the end of the game. Big Shot Bob. The OG with more rings than Thanos. Y’all better tune in for this one.