NBA Job Application: Ryan Boatright

With the draft on the horizon, your favorite NBA team will be adding a few new employees soon. With this in mind, we asked some incoming rookies to show off their basketball chops in a format familiar to anyone who has ever applied for a new job. This is the NBA Job Application. Next up: Ryan Boatright from the University of Connecticut.




Past experience:

Circle one:

Positions applying for:

One day I hope to lead the NBA in:

NBA player my game most resembles:

The best player in the NBA at my position is:

Projected videogame rating:

Look up some film from the game I played against:

My favorite team growing up was:

The most underrated aspect of my game is my:

Best non-basketball skill:

Area(s) where I’m going to try to improve my game:

The player in this draft class I’d most like to play with:

Draw the NBA logo from memory:

There are five seconds left in a game and you are down two points. Draw up a final play with a brief explanation: