NFL Job Application: Sheldon Day

With the NFL draft on the horizon, your favorite team will be adding a few new employees soon. With this in mind, we asked some incoming rookies to show off their football chops in a format familiar to anyone who has ever applied for a new job. This is the NFL Job Application. Next up is Sheldon Day from the University of Notre Dame.



High School:


College major:

Positions applying for (Circle all that apply):

I hope to one day lead the NFL in (Circle all that apply):

Circle one:

If I had to describe my style of play in two words, they would be:

Another rookie I would really love to play alongside is:

The best football movie of all time is obviously:

I have been working very hard pre-draft to improve my:

You should watch the film from the game I played against:

The aspect of my game that best translates to the NFL is my ability to:

The best player in the NFL at my position is:

Projected Madden rating:

If I wasn’t playing football, I’d totally be killing it at:

My most creative touchdown celebration (if I knew I couldn’t get flagged or fined) would be:

Draw your college’s mascot:

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