Watchlist: Terrance Knighton

At The Players’ Tribune, we’ve noticed that you can tell a lot about a person by their answer to four simple words: “What are you watching?” That’s why we’ve created Watchlist, a new series where we ask our contributors to look inside their DVRs, DVD collections, iPads and whatever else — and share the movies and TV shows they count among their favorites.

Here, with his Watchlist, is Redskins defensive tackle (and future interior decorator) Terrance “Pot Roast” Knighton.


I get locked in on HGTV sometimes. I like House Hunters and Love It or List It. I plan on buying myself a home one day and I just like watching what other people do with their homes. I’m interested in a lot of home improvement stuff, and some of the ideas they have are crazy.

They’ve also got these shows about tiny houses, where people live in 200-square-foot homes and things like that. Tiny houses. I don’t know why, but that’s just interesting to me.

I think they’d have to lose the word “tiny” if I moved in.


I grew up in the 90’s with shows like The Jamie Foxx ShowFamily MattersFull House and The Wayans Bros. But nothing beats Martin. I love watching those 90’s comedies, but when I’m flipping through channels and I catch Martin — it doesn’t matter what else I have going on — I have to watch it. I’ve seen every episode, but every time I watch one, whether it’s the 10th or 100th time, it’s still hilarious to me.

The best part about those 90’s comedies is that they were funny, but they also had good life lessons and things like that. There’s a moral to the story, but it’s always funny.
Man, the 90’s got it right with sitcoms.

The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption comes on a lot, and it’s one movie I can’t change from. It’s also my favorite movie of all time. I don’t think I even have to explain why.

The Dark Knight

I’ve always been a big Batman fan. It’s always been me and my younger brother’s go-to movie. But Heath Ledger as The Joker sets The Dark Knight above the rest. That was the greatest I’ve ever seen anyone act as a villain — probably the best acting I’ve ever seen, period. I can watch that movie over and over because it’s Batman, but more so because of Heath Ledger.

Along with The Shawshank RedemptionThe Dark Knight is definitely in my Top 3.


I’ve been getting into Ballers lately. One thing a lot of people wonder about Ballers is how real it is. I think it’s very close to what actually goes on, you just have to remember that not every guy in the NFL is living that Ballers life. It’s only a small percentage who play in a place like Miami, get those kinds of contracts and live the fast life. They’re out there, and for them, I’m sure that’s what life is like. Just not for me and most guys.

One thing that’s definitely different is player interactions. A veteran guy like Ricky Jerret getting his car stolen or getting pranked? That only happens to rookies. That’s not something that happens to veterans or new guys to the team.

Only rookies.


Another show I’ve gotten into is Power on Starz. It takes place in NYC, and it’s about a guy trying to be a business man/kingpin while balancing trying to be a family man. He’s married, but he runs into his old high school sweetheart. They rekindle, but she ends up being a cop. But she’s actually attracted to him. So they’re dating, she’s supposed to be after him, but she’s into him. And he doesn’t know that she’s after him.

It’s crazy, but it all comes together at the end. Power will suck you in. That’s a good series.


I know you’re probably wondering what the third movie in my Top 3 is. And it’s nothing like The Shawshank Redemption or The Dark Knight.

It’s Matilda.

Sometimes I catch it by accident on ABC Family or something like that — and if I do, I’m not changing it — but if I see that coming up on the guide, I’m making plans around it.

For some reason, Matilda just sucks me in. It’s just a really good movie. I’ve seen the Broadway play and everything. It gives you a little bit of everything. Like at the end when she uses her magic powers to scare the principal away, and the principal starts going crazy, tearing up the classroom. I think that’s probably the funniest part.

What kid doesn’t wish they had special powers?

Dennis the Menace

The old one that came out in the early 90’s. I think maybe I just love the 90’s a little too much … if that’s possible.