Playlist: Terrance Knighton

AThe Players’ Tribune, we know that music and sports have always been great teammates. That’s why we’ve created Playlist, a series where we ask our contributors to look inside their phones, cars, workout mixes and whatever else — and share the songs they’ve had in heavy rotation.

Here with his Playlist is Redskins defensive tackle (and #RomanticGuy) Terrance ‘Pot Roast’ Knighton.

Scroll to the bottom for a Spotify playlist with all of Terrance’s songs.


“What More Can I Say” and “Picasso Baby,” Jay Z

Jay Z is my go-to. He’s definitely my favorite artist. Whenever I get in the car, I set the tone first with Jay Z. My number one Jay Z song is “What More Can I Say” from The Black Album, but “Picasso Baby” off Magna Carta is a close second. Those are the best two songs on the best two albums from the best ever M.C.

“Cruisin’,” Smokey Robinson

I’m a laid-back guy, so as much as I love Jay Z and other rap and hip-hop, sometimes I like to cruise, so I’ll turn up some old-school music that just keeps me calm and makes the day a lot better. There’s no better song for that than “Cruisin’” by Smokey Robinson. I didn’t grow up in Smokey’s time, but for some reason I know all his songs by heart. There’s nothing better for cruising and chilling. 

“March Madness,” Future

Future is probably the hottest artist out right now. When I’m around my teammates they’re always singing and rapping Future. “March Madness” from his 56 Nights mixtape is my favorite, and someone on the D-line is always playing Future in the locker room because it gives us a lot of energy and gets us ready to practice.

“Fire and Desire,” Rick James

I’m a romantic guy, and this is a song I would think women really love. I just like the old-school way of things, and I like the way music can set the mood. With this song, a woman would know how you feel about her or how attracted you are to her. That’s the mood Rick James sets with “Fire and Desire.” So if you hear me pull out “Fire and Desire,” you know I’m into you.

“Let’s Get It On,” Marvin Gaye

This one just goes back to that soothing feeling. I’m a Connecticut boy, but one day, I plan on living on the beach out in California, just relaxing. That’s what music does for me: It calms me. It’s soothing and it just puts me in the clouds. It really makes me feel good about life. And Marvin Gaye can set the relaxing mood better than anybody.

“Sparks Fly,” Taylor Swift

Yep, I have Taylor Swift on my iPod. She’s a very good artist. Look, I’m a big fan of music — the whole art form of it — and Taylor Swift is as good as there is out there. Everyone’s been going crazy over her 1989 album, where she really blew up, but I’m actually a big fan of her older music, like her 2010 album Speak Now. That’s where you’ll find “Sparks Fly” — that’s a good song.

“Trap Queen,” Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap is out here breaking all types of records. As a guy who plays a sport driven by stats, I can appreciate that.

“Sky’s the Limit,” Notorious B.I.G.

Biggie was definitely the biggest name when I was young, before Jay Z came into the picture. But me being from up north — being from Connecticut, the east coast — Biggie was definitely the guy. He came from nothing and made himself into something and became this big superstar. He was the transcendent guy in the rap game, and “Sky’s the Limit” is a song basically saying: You have the power to do whatever you want and be whoever you want to be, like he did.