Gig 'Em

I‘m a graduate of Texas A&M and a Texas native. So when the Aggies jumped into the spotlight of the SEC in 2012, I knew it was a bold step for a university that was eager for something bigger and better. Following that first year in the SEC, A&M decided to bring me in to photograph key games and handle the promotional portraits for the athletic department. As a former athlete myself, I am always intrigued by how a team builds chemistry and how the coaching staff assembles the pieces to be successful. Each year, the team undergoes changes with the arrival of new players, and each spring, when photographing the portraits for the coming season, I get a chance to see the evolving personality of the team. With the foundation of trust I have built with the school over the years, the players and coaches — after seeing me around the facilities for a few days — get comfortable enough to be who they are and stay in the moment. I’ve been on hand for the opening games of the 2015 season, where excitement in College Station is at an all-time high. Here is my look at college football, Aggie style.

Photographs by Andrew Hancock/The Players’ Tribune