The Beautiful Scar

Basketball is the seed of my muse. At the age of six, the game became part of my nature. Everything I saw, heard, read, or felt was viewed through the lens of growing as a basketball player. This perspective makes me curious about everything, makes everything interesting, and means that life is a living library where all I need to do is pay attention.

This meant that geometry class was viewed as understanding the angles of the game. History class taught me different forms of leadership. Through Shakespeare, I learned about the nature of mankind. From The Iliad, I began to question at the age of 12 if I identified with the hero Hector or Achilles. Taking tests helped me steady my pulse and think clearly under duress.

The examples are endless but my philosophy is simple. Once I knew my seed, I was able to discover my muse and my purpose for being was crystal clear.

The odd thing is that I wound up learning more about the world around me by having a singular focus inside of me.

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