The Chirp

This is The Chirp, your all-inclusive look at the best observations, jokes and photos that athletes have recently shared on social media. Because while not every story can be told in 140 characters… some can:

Retired NBA center 
Jason Collins on the legend of Steph Curry:

Colts long snapper Matt Overton with a request, and Texans DE J.J. Watt with a warning:

UFC lightweight Mitch Clarke on sweet rides:

Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin needs a lot of updates:

Anything happen w/ the Eagles? — Connor Barwin (@ConnorBarwin98) March 8, 2015

Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long on how to travel:

That’s chill — Kyle (@Ky1eLong) March 8, 2015

Islanders winger Michael Grabner on ambiance:

Who brings a kid(maybe 5 years old) to the movies?…nothing better to watch a movie with screaming as background music #parentsoftheyear — Michael Grabner (@grabs40) March 8, 2015

Women’s tennis player CoCo Vendeweghe on accuracy:

Giants offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz, live from the kitchen:

Retired MLB first baseman Kevin Millar has this parenting thing down:

Dodgers pitcher Brandon McCarthy on food science: