The Chirp

This is The Chirp, your all-inclusive look at the best observations, jokes and photos that athletes have recently shared on social media. Because while not every story can be told in 140 characters… some can:

Ravens offensive lineman John Urschel on #ThingsThatBotherJohnUrschel:

There’s nothing I hate more than having a cold. Except maybe the whole concept of Facebook pokes. If you’re at PSU…#bringmesoup— John Urschel (@MathMeetsFball)April 4, 2015

Blackhawks captainJonathan Toewson keepin’ it real:

Padres first baseman Cody Decker on alter egos:

Seahawks punter Jon Ryan on just your average day in the NFL:

Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long on this guy right here:

This guy is 2fast 2furious — LXXV (@Ky1eLong) April 4, 2015

Former NFL cornerback Phillip Buchanon on exceptions:

Basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, animated and twerking :

Colts wide receiver Griff Whalen on iConspiracy:

Feels like apple flipped a switch that kills my phones battery twice as fast so I just go buy the new iPhone — Griff Whalen (@GriffWhalen) April 3, 2015

Wizards center Kevin Seraphin on his new routine:

Retired NFL cornerback Eric Wright is not Edgar Garcia:

Colts running back Vick Ballard on grand theft:

Kyle Long on apocalypse prep:

Tweet me pictures of your ideal zombie survival vehicles — LXXV (@Ky1eLong) April 3, 2015

@halfbreed1995@Ky1eLong the marauder. That’s a hummer next to it” that is sick — LXXV (@Ky1eLong) April 3, 2015

@AJCerda521@Ky1eLong I mean, it works for Batman.” first round talent there — LXXV (@Ky1eLong) April 3, 2015

@moss_jas@Ky1eLong #iamout” points for intelligence… What about food and water?? — LXXV (@Ky1eLong) April 3, 2015

@JonathonBoyd@Ky1eLong you can never go wrong with a tank.” someone knows GTA cheat codes — LXXV (@Ky1eLong) April 3, 2015

@PatrickMannelly@Ky1eLong” swoop up all the hot baby boomer zombies eh? — LXXV (@Ky1eLong) April 3, 2015

@gatesmi@Ky1eLong” @MartysaurusRex would rock that with style and grace — LXXV (@Ky1eLong) April 3, 2015

@Elijah12thman@Ky1eLong Heli-tank!” GAME SET MATCH.

— LXXV (@Ky1eLong) April 3, 2015