The Chirp

This is The Chirp, your all-inclusive look at the best observations, jokes and photos that athletes have recently shared on social media. Because while not every story can be told in 140 characters… some can:

We won’t spoil the #PowerFinale for you, but for Bears safety Ryan Mundy and Mercury forward Monique Currie, it’s too late:

Redskins safety Duke Ihenacho on being left out:

Looks like the New York Giants have #CountryFever:

NBA point guard Kendall Marshall on no news being good news:

again, I reeally hate when my phone rings bruh. every time I found out I got waived, my phone rang first. lls — Kendall Marshall (@KButter5) August 15, 2015

my heart drops every time my phone rings. not een jokin — Kendall Marshall (@KButter5) August 15, 2015

fact: a phone call is never good news. people text good news. — Kendall Marshall (@KButter5) August 15, 2015

Bears guard Kyle Long on the O-line diet (take that, JJ Watt and your 9,000 calories a day):

MY DIET CONSISTS 18,000 CALORIES A DAY %ALLHOTDOGS — Kyle (@Ky1eLong) August 15, 2015

WNBA forward Kristen Mann on the #WorkoutLife:

UFC middleweight Dan Henderson relaxing on the job:

Kendall Marshall on fighting words:

don’t ever put 5guys, in n out, whataburger, cookout, Wendy’s, checkers burgers in the same category as shake shack. — Kendall Marshall (@KButter5) August 16, 2015

and if you do, we gotta throw hands on sight. — Kendall Marshall (@KButter5) August 16, 2015

Padres minor league first baseman Cody Deckeron the only way to keep score:

Former NFL wide receiver Donté Stallworth on showing off:

#ChirpBonus: If you didn’t re-tweet this, it’s because you didn’t see it:

Lion cub napoleon shows off his mighty roar — Baby Animals (@BabyAnimalPics) August 14, 2015