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This is The Chirp, your all-inclusive look at the best observations, jokes and photos that athletes have recently shared on social media. Because while not every story can be told in 140 characters… some can:

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Rockets forward Sam Dekker and (many) more on Thursday Night Football:

aaaaaand im crying — Sam Dekker (@dekker) December 4, 2015

y’all can say mean things to me about the packers. i won’t retaliate — Sam Dekker (@dekker) December 4, 2015

Martha Firestone-Ford swaggin in the stunner shades %indoors %latenight %powermovesonly — Kyle (@Ky1eLong) December 4, 2015

Pep doing Pep things — Kyle (@Ky1eLong) December 4, 2015

All these injuries tonight Thursday night game but don’t worry NFL cares bout players safety. Let’s add another game to the regular season — Scott Shanle (@scottshanle) December 4, 2015

do we have enough backups?? — Sam Dekker (@dekker) December 4, 2015

Wowwww… — Nathan Slaughter (@N8Slaughter) December 4, 2015

Wow — Zac Stacy (@ZSTACY_) December 4, 2015

Unbelievable — Kyle (@Ky1eLong) December 4, 2015

This ruins my night — Kyle (@Ky1eLong) December 4, 2015

im back down to earth sorry y’all — Sam Dekker (@dekker) December 4, 2015

feels good to have a Wisconsin team on the winning side of a hail mary for once — Sam Dekker (@dekker) December 4, 2015

Mercury forward Monique Currie and more on The Wiz:

Liberty forward Swin Cash and more on the dunk of the night:

Ali from UCLA just flushed it on Kentucky big man. Dunk of the night — Chris Taft (@BlessedTaft) December 4, 2015

PGA golfer Jason Dufner and Giants guard Geoff Schwartz on the Super Bowl halftime show:

Marlins outfielder Christian Yelich on the trouble with parties:

Come party with me tomorrow for my birthday at Hyde Bellagio. For reservations contact @thisisforj @HydeBellagio — Christian Yelich (@ChristianYelich) December 4, 2015

@FlashGJr you never want to hangout — Christian Yelich (@ChristianYelich) December 4, 2015

@ithrow88 nobody uses the mail anymore Dan! This is your invitation — Christian Yelich (@ChristianYelich) December 4, 2015

Grizzlies guard Tony Allen on #DadLyfe:

Blades forward Hilary Knight on true love:

Royals first baseman Cody Deckeron decisions:

Mariners pitcher Taijuan Walkeron home cooking:




Rockets forward Corey Brewer and more on #TBT:

MLB pitcher Jeremy Guthrie and WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilderon predicting success:

NFL safety Bernard Pollardon #SelfCare:

Saints running back Mark Ingram and more on important questions:


And finally, Panthers winger Jaromir Jagron death: