The Chirp

This is The Chirp, your all-inclusive look at the best observations, jokes and photos that athletes have recently shared on social media. Because while not every story can be told in 140 characters… some can:

Rams defensive end Chris Long on guys he’s dying to party with:

A casket salesman convention at my hotel. Can’t make this shit up.

Chris Long (@JOEL9ONE) February 3, 2015

I think the nice thing about being a casket salesman is no one wants to talk to you about your job.

Chris Long (@JOEL9ONE) February 3, 2015

My buddies @ the casket salesman convention have a sick buffet + beer spread today @ the beach. they’re listening to “im sexy and I know it”

Chris Long (@JOEL9ONE) February 3, 2015

Relax, everybody, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is still alive:

Giants offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz on antiquated practices:

Blazers center Robin Lopez, welcome back:

Raiders punter Marquette King with #RandomThoughts:

Women’s tennis player Alison Riske on autocorrect:

Colts linebacker Shaun Phillips should always wear his helmet:

U.S. Women’s Soccer player Kristie Mewis is snowed in:

Broncos tight end Julius Thomas with a Public Service Announcement: