The Prelude


“Knuckleheads” is up and running for All Star Week! In this Season 3 prelude episode the guys break out their old looks — Darius with the braids and Q with the 360 fade. And, of course, they’re in their Jordan gear. The two look back on their relationship and share some never-told stories from their time in the league. Q explains what went into his decision to transfer to Whitney Young and Darius laughs about the time that everyone wanted to cover him when he was wearing goggles in high school. They move on to their experiences transitioning to the league, what it was like on Draft Night, and how their first couple of days in Los Angeles were like living in a dream. The pair recall their efforts at making the Clippers ‘cool’ and wonder what might have been had the team signed a legitimate star in one of those early seasons. The guys also share what it was like to get endorsed by Jordan and how Michael, himself, was the reason behind that happening. You won’t want to miss each of them describing the first guy in the league they bodied and then finishing up with their favorite highlight with each other. Season 3 — we back!