The Chirp: The Cubs Win the Pennant

The Chicago Cubs beat the Los Angeles Dodgers Saturday night in Game 6 of the NLCS, to earn their first trip to the World Series since 1945. That puts them one step closer to their first Series title in 108 years, and athletes from across the sports world — plus the Cubbies themselves — took to social media to celebrate.

First things first … from the Cubbies themselves:

I can’t stop scrolling Twitter. It’s like I’m right there, celebrating with the fans. Nothing sweeter. Love you @cubs fans worldwide

Dexter Fowler (@DexterFowler) October 23

Cubs win ? only 4 more ?? with my wife @leyjs12 #celebrating #cubs #WrigleyField

Jorge Soler (@JorgeSoler68) October 23,

Current and former Chicago athletes also share in the celebration:

There going!! #GoCubsGo #BearDown

Rashied Davis (@RashiedDavis) October 23

Illinois native and former NBA player Shawn Marion is feeling it:

MLB Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez tips his hat to the mastermind:

Charlotte Hornets center Frank Kaminsky sending love from the south side:

Chicago native Dwyane Wade and Cleveland native LeBron James are placing their World Series bets:

Mavericks point guard Devin Harris on #predictions:

The Los Angeles Dodgers showing nothing but class:

Former MLB pitcher Dan Plesac on ending the curse: