The Weekly Roundup

As we arrive at the conclusion of another week, the team at TPT wanted to take a moment to reflect on a few of the posts that we’ve put up on the site that you might have missed (it’s okay, these things happen) while also highlighting a few other stories from around the web that caught our eye. Here’s our Weekly Roundup:

“Kane” by Derek Jeter

Retirement can be an opportunity to try new things. This week, founding publisher Derek Jeter opened up about becoming a dog owner for the very first time:

“I had no idea what I was in for as a new dog owner. He was a Christmas gift last year from my fiancée, whose family had Mastiffs growing up. I’ve never owned a pet in my life. Don’t be fooled by his eyes. In his first few weeks home, Kane would look up at me with this suspicious face, like he was trying to say, “Why should I listen to you?”

Smart dog.

He was right to be suspicious: I’ve been scared of dogs almost my entire life.”

“Farewell to the G.O.A.T.” by Christie Rampone and Megan Rapinoe

Christie Rampone and Megan Rapinoe pay tribute to USWNT teammate and international soccer legend, Abby Wambach, who announced last month that she’ll be retiring from the national squad:

“Sometimes when an athlete retires, it’s easy to say nice things about them. It’s easy to inflate their legacy. With Abby, there’s no wiggle room: Abby is the best player I’ve ever played with. She’s the toughest competitor I’ve ever played against. But more than that, Abby defined U.S. Soccer. She was U.S. Soccer for over a decade.”

“Seeing the Series” by The Players’ Tribune

The Mets dreams of winning a World Series were dashed on Sunday night in front of a sold out hometown crowd at Citi Field. The Players’ Tribune‘s Taylor Baucom was on hand to capture the unique atmosphere of baseball in late October with a series of cinemagraphs that offered a unique view of the festivities.

The Players’ POV: I’m Done

Adrian Coxson explains why after suffering a concussion three days into the Green Bay Packers training camp, he made the decision to walk away from the game of football for good.

“[The doctor] explained to me that the next hit could possibly kill me …. I instantly said to myself, ‘I’m done’ … The awareness of it is just not where it should be … The scariest part of this whole process is not knowing how healthy I’ll be in a few years from now.”

“A Way Out” by Marcedes Lewis

For many athletes, sports provides an outlet and an opportunity for a better life. Now a tight end for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Marcedes Lewis wants to give other kids growing up in Long Beach, California the same chance he had to play football. Growing up, commitment to his team, plus the close watch of his mother and coaches, motivated Marcedes to stay out of trouble and stay on the field.

“Fights, hearing gunshots all the time — that all became normal. That was the life I knew. Even for a “good” kid, a lot can go wrong, and my mom understood there wasn’t much room for error.

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Photo of the Week

Some Kansas City Royals fans cool off following a red hot October. (AP Images)

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