You're My Dog: Franny the Frenchie

Dogs: they’re the coolest. They’re loyal. They love naps. They’re secretly the best teammates in sports. So we asked some of our favorite athletes to describe what they love about their dog. First up is New York Rangers captain Ryan McDonagh and his French bulldog Franny.


What’s one quality that makes your dog a little weird?
She likes to play hide-and-seek. I run and she will come find me and bark at me. Also, she eats as fast as she possibly can. Most times she has the bowl licked clean before we can even put away her food in the fridge. Girls gotta eat, I guess.

How does Franny change your daily routine as an athlete?

I certainly have earlier mornings having to let her out, but she is also very good at taking pregame naps with me.

If Franny was a famous person, who would she be?
Her great uncle Derick Brassard (both French).

If your dog was an athlete, what sport would she play?
She’s very fast, so I think she would be a punt returner in football. Think Darren Sproles. Small, quick, and elusive, but not afraid to get physical with the other dogs.

Favorite sleeping position?
Frog-style on her belly.

What’s your favorite story about Franny?
She had a very smelly chew bone that she would hide around the apartment. I was on a road trip and couldn’t figure out why my bag smelled so bad. I finally searched through my bag only to find that Franny had buried her bone at the very bottom underneath all my clothes. It was pretty stinky.