Alonzo Mourning

He don’t need no introduction. The one and only Alonzooooooo Mourning punched in with the Knuckleheads for this week’s episode! You know it’s gonna be a special one when the OG decides to pull up. The guys ask Zo to take it back to his high school days, playing ball as the No. 1 recruit in the country. Zo remembers the parade of college coaches coming to his house, and how John Thompson asked to be the last coach to visit. Zo says it was Thompson who made the best offer — which was no promise of a starting position, but the chance to work hard, be part of greatness and get an excellent education. Zo talks about the special bond he had with Big John, and all the things that made the Georgetown coach a legend to everyone who knew him. He also speaks on watching Dikembe Mutombo grow into himself as a basketball player — and the hilarious nicknames Thomson bestowed on Dikembe and Zo: Africa and Motherf*****!  Zo looks back on getting drafted and what it meant to shake David Stern’s hand. He goes deep on the notorious Heat/Knicks beef, and how it’s all Pat Riley’s fault for implementing the same fierce DNA in both franchises. Zo literally marked X’s on the calendar for all those matchups. Darius asks why Zo’s 1,000th block had to be on him! Zo even sent D Miles a framed picture of it afterward, as a memento. They tell some stories from the famous Zo’s Summer Groove. Then Zo looks back on his championship season, and gets real about just how tough he was on his teammates in order to win. How he really never knew they respected his toughness until Shaq asked Zo to present at his Hall of Fame induction. That meant a lot. Game respects game. And everybody’s got respect for the OG, Alonzo Mourning. Tune in to hear everything from the Miami legend himself.