Connect With Bethany England and Alice Perrin

Connect With Bethany England

A prolific scorer for Chelsea, Beth England has nearly as many tattoos as she has goals. She got her first one when she was 18 years old, and hasn’t looked back since. Three connects her with tattoo artist and star of Tattoo Fixers, Alice Perrin, to share the stories behind her extraordinary ink. These aren’t just superficial designs, they’re pieces of art that represent memories, family, and life experiences. Each tattoo tells a unique tale, whether it’s the angel on her side or the puzzle piece on her wrist.

Did we forget to mention Beth’s new dog, Buddy? The adorable pup can’t help but steal the spotlight during Beth and Alice’s conversation. When Alice shows Beth a custom-made tattoo she designed just for this occasion, Buddy becomes the star of the show. If Chelsea’s No. 9 ever gets the tattoo done for real, you saw it here first. Watch this space. #ConnectWith