Connect With Olivier Giroud

Connect With Olivier Giroud and Josh Denzel

Olivier Giroud is suaveness personified. Head to toe, slicked-back hair to clean kicks, the Frenchman is as smooth off the pitch as he is on it. Three connects Olivier with London-based influencer Josh Denzel for a day at Stamford Bridge, getting in the Chelsea dressing room to learn about his style sensibility and fashion inspirations. 

Olivier candidly reveals Chelsea’s best and worst dressed players in a game of “Drip or Skip,” where Josh shows the big man pictures of his teammates in outfits that range from ambitious to downright ridiculous, seeing if the French fashionista approves (Drip) or disapproves (Skip). Things get personal when Josh shows Olivier pictures of his own outfits, and the striker gives Josh some fashion tips in his brutally honest responses. But Olivier is no stranger to fashion faux pas himself, especially in his younger years. The pair visit his past fashion gaffes in a big way when they step onto the pitch for a final surprise. #ConnectWith