Deron Williams

D. Will. Utah Jazz royalty and one of the smoothest to ever grace the point guard position joins Knuckleheads this week. Deron gets into his early days, growing up in West Virginia and then Texas, being a standout wrestler and why he had an underdog chip from the get-go. Then it was on to Illinois for D Will. He explains how he almost transferred after his freshman year but says now that staying was one of the best decisions he’s ever made. S***, then he just went out and balled, including that historic run to the NCAA championship his junior year — Illinois’s best season ever. All of which, of course, helped his draft stock skyrocket in the spring. Then Deron gets into his rookie year in Utah, why Jerry Sloan was so damn hard on him, and why he was pissed off that he wasn’t in the starting rotation. Things would change, though, in his second year, and from there D Will took the best-point-guard-in-the-league debate and made sure he was in that conversation, as he and Carlos Boozer forged a Stockton-Malone-type offense that led the Jazz to the conference finals. He talks about D Will vs. CP3, what it was like playing in Turkey, and explains the challenges that came with his move from Utah to Brooklyn. Deron also talks about his two gold medals, shares stories from those teams and credits Kobe with stopping him from ever winning a ship. Don’t sleep on D Will, the man has things to say!