Derrick Henry

KING HENRY is in the building. The 2019 Offensive Player of the Year pops off on this week’s episode of Truss Levelz. First off, D Henry in high school, was absurd. I mean we’re talking domination. This man had over 12,000 rushing yards over four years…. Yeah, that's the national high school record. Then he gets into going to Bama, the crazy backfield they had while he was there, and his junior year — how it felt winning the Heisman, setting the SEC rushing record, and putting the Tide back on top. And speaking of that national championship game, Mark and Derrick set the record straight on the meme that sent the Internet on fire when Derrick made Mark look pretty short…. Then, it’s to the league, what he learned in his first few years and what changed in 2019 for him to become one of the best backs in the NFL. Later on, D Henry talks his favorite kicks, which Titans uniforms are the coldest, and why he and Mark should have statues at Alabama. Simply put, the man is a beast. Tune in.