George Kittle

Yeeeet! It’s the one and only, the money bag-holding, tight end-playing, beast — George Kittle! Buckle up for a lot of laughs as Cam and Mark get right into George’s boyhood in Iowa, how his family is basically an All-Star lineup of record-breaking athletes, and why he played at three different high schools. Then it's onto college at Iowa; including how good he was at drinking beer and what it was like playing tight end in the Big Ten while weighing a mere 220 pounds … hint, not easy. George gets into how he played well — quietly — his rookie year in the league and then what it was like transitioning to superstar status when he blew up his second season. He also shares his pregame tradition — reading a letter that is written by his father, something they’ve been doing since George’s first snaps at Iowa. Then… SPOILER ALERT! Game of Thrones talk gets … intense. George explains how he would’ve changed the ending and why he would’ve been a great extra to get killed in a battle scene. WWE, video games, and why George is absolutely terrified of horses, are more reasons why you’ll want to strap in for this one.