Iman Shumpert

Oh, what’s up, Shump!? NBA Champion, rapper, and fashion king Iman Shumpert joins Knuckleheads this week! We get going on Chicago basketball, of course, and Shump explains where he learned to talk his talk, playing all over the city, and why that Chicago streetball intensity is like nothing else. He talks balling out in high school — getting paid by his brother to dunk it and wanting to face off against the best city schools because of … the girls? He gets into his decision to go to Georgia Tech over UNC and discusses how his injury delayed his ascent to the league. Post-school, Iman’s draft process was pretty unique, specifically when he got into a fight during his workout for the Bulls and why that attitude actually attracted NBA teams. Then it’s to the mecca, and Shump explains what it was like playing in NYC as a rookie, his Knickstape, learning to understand the NY media and why his loyalty to Melo will never leave. He talks how he was unsure about getting traded to Cleveland, what it was like to win a championship and why he had to reset himself after winning. Then Iman bounces around the league — how he loved Sacramento but Houston not so much, and what his short experience with the Nets last season was like. He ain’t done there, though! Teyana Taylor. Delivering their kids. And where he’s taking his rap career. Shump brings everything! Don’t miss out!