Mike Evans

The epitome of consistency, a College Station legend and Harry Potter’s biggest fan, Mike Evans drops by to chat with the fellas on Truss Levelz. We hear how Mike held up during the offseason. TLDR: Just fine. Then we go back to the beginning and hear about how he was supposed to be hooper until football interfered with that whole plan. You’ll hear who his best opponent in high was and how he chose Texas A&M. Life as an Aggie and the easy decision to go pro. He plays coy about catching passes this offseason with THE GOAT, TB12. But opens up about life and family, and yes, his unabiding love for Harry Potter. #wandlife. Mike reveals what house the Sorting Hat would place him in and how he would fare on the Quidditch pitch. He makes a strong case for why he would not just be a good Seeker, but a Viktor Krum-level Golden Snitch snatcher. (Editor’s note: that’s a stretch. But Mike Evans would definitely give Maximus Brankovitch III a run for his money.) We hear about his experience on a private jet, food picks in Paris and his pregame playlist. Mike is one of the best in the game right now and this episode is one you can’t miss. Listen up. Big Truss. BIG.