Nick Saban

LEGENDARY ... is the only way to say it. This week we got a seven-time national championship winner, one of the greatest coaches in college football EVER, and a good friend of the show. The head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide — Nick Saban, joins Truss Levelz this week. Coach Saban discusses everything from developing Bama to where it is today and shares a unique story about coaching Mark’s dad back in the day! You can’t miss greatness, tune in! 

Episode Highlights:

  1. Being a three-sport athlete in West Virginia [12:45]
  2. Coaching Mark’s dad and then recruiting Mark to Alabama [17:55]
  3. How he knew the Tide would win the national championship in 2009 [20:19]
  4. 2021 Alabama Football preview [26:32]
  5. The Tua Tagovailoa national title and the thought behind the substitution [30:25]
  6. Coach Saban’s golf game [32:30]

About Our Hosts:

NFL superstars, Cam Jordan and Mark Ingram are former Saints teammates and real-life friends whose personalities, minds, and hearts are as big as their talent on the field. Brimming with an infectious energy, these two juggernauts have joined forces to bring you Truss Levelz. A podcast where the best and brightest in the NFL share stories that go beyond the X’s and O’s while spreading good vibes far-and-wide. On its surface, football is a game of combat enacted by athletes at the peak of their performance. It’s the definition of rough & tumble and not for the faint of heart. But there’s so much more to these gridiron warriors than what we see on the field. Prepare yourself for the ultimate inside look into the world of football.

There’s levels to this game … Truss.

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