Seimone Augustus

Money Mone. Walking legend. WNBA champion and LSU royalty Seimone Augustus drops by Knuckleheads this week. We give you the inside scoop on her early days hooping down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She tells about how she grew up with Big Baby, Glen Davis, and even includes her side of the infamous sleeper sofa incident. We learn what it’s like being compared to MJ in high school, on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Seimone opens up about picking the wrong pair of shoes for running workouts in college. The special runs her college teams went on. And the very, very special and momentous feeling of seeing her jersey retired by LSU. From college we head to the WNBA and learn how the Lynx became The Lynx. It wasn’t overnight. There are stories about moves and shots and players and passing. All told with a smooth Louisiana swagger. And a new Start. Bench. Cut. Jordan edition for all those sneakerheads out there. It’s a momentous episode with one of the best to ever do it. And still do it. Money Mone ain’t done yet. Listen in y’all. Seimone Augustus. Respect.