Shawn Kemp

Reign Man is in the building! The Seattle LEGEND, Shawn Kemp, joins Knuckleheads this week. Darius kicks off the show presenting the worn-out Shawn Kemp VCR tape that he watched every day as a kid. Then Shawn takes it back to his high school dominance in Indiana and explains why he chose Kentucky over the hometown school, IU … and why that choice lost him Indiana’s Mr. Basketball title. Kemp details his unique rise to the league — how the Lakers were trying to keep him hidden away in L.A. during draft workouts with an eye to making him Magic Johnson’s future running mate. Had it not been for a last-minute tryout that landed him in Seattle come draft day, he might actually have been a Laker. Can you imagine? From there it was straight to stardom with the Sonics, as Kemp took the league by storm with his high-flying dunks and crazy athleticism. He gets into what it was like to team up with Gary Payton and how he and GP are still close today. Reign Man also kicks it with the guys about his Kamikaze Reeboks, playing in the Finals against Jordan, and the Dream Team I vs. Dream Team II debate. He reveals the reason that he eventually decided to leave Seattle, but makes it very clear that the NBA needs to bring a team back to the Emerald City. The legend gets into it all on this episode of Knuckleheads. Don't miss this one from the Reign Man himself. Tune IN.