College Football's Toughest Road Environments

The Road Test | College Football

Survey commissioned by Goodyear and The Players' Tribune among 68 former CFB players who played from 2001-2021.
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When it comes to the most electrifying environments in all of sports, few can compete with the
energy and excitement of college football stadiums. Thousands of home team die-hards pack
into the stands to watch their school battle it out for a win but, more importantly, for the
ultimate in bragging rights. But for those taking the field as the visiting squad, that passionate,
home-turf energy can make for challenging playing conditions.

Goodyear and The Players’ Tribune wanted to go a layer deeper to understand just what it’s like
for visiting teams to play in front of some of college football’s most ardent fanbases. We
surveyed 68 former college football players to understand the toughest road environments
they’ve faced, why these cities and stadiums are such a challenge and much more. The results
are interesting peek behind the curtain from those who know the road struggles first-hand: