What the (Blank)?

Matt Ryan, Quarterback / Atlanta Falcons - The Players' Tribune

We are live all week long from Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco, and we’re making players fill out our weird What the (Blank)? questions. Next up is Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. Yes, this is his real handwriting.

The most underrated player in the NFL is …davisnew

The craziest pre-game superstition I’ve ever seen is …all

The definition of “a catch” should be …catch56

If there was a Royal Rumble with every player in the NFL, the winner would be …white

The best advice I can give to NFL rookies is …hard2

The strangest instruction a coach has ever given me is …wrist

The weirdest trash talk I’ve ever heard is …luck

If I was NFL Commissioner for a day, I would … contracts

The hardest I’ve LOL’d this season is when …simmslol

In the box below, draw a self-portrait …aha202