Knicks, Kicks, and a Whole Lot of Power

Episode 3 is live, as Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles play host to Jerry Ferrara. Spoiler Alert: “Proctor” talks Power and his character’s recent death on the show. He explains what it’s like to die in a shootout scene and what his reaction was to being told that Proctor would be killed that episode. The fellas talk all things Entourage, too, as “Turtle” explains how Mark Wahlberg coached him through an audition, as well as who his favorite cameo on the show was. The focus returns to Power and the guys ask Jerry what it’s like to work with 50 Cent, and if he gets more recognized as Turtle or Proctor when he walks the streets.

Then it’s onto New York, New York, as Jerry touches on his diehard Knick fandom. He talks about which championship rings he would trade in to get just one Knick ring and fanboys about the ’90s Knicks teams. Also, Jerry has a tough time playing Start, Cut, Bench with three of the greatest Knicks ever to step on the court. The hoop talk continues as Jerry gives his thoughts on the state of the league and just who the best New York-raised ball player is. The gang moves on to shoe talk, discussing some of the most iconic kicks of all time, including their personal favorites. Later, Jerry speaks about the time he was most start-struck on set and talks some smack when asked what other actors he would add to a 3-on-3 team with him. Turtle, aka Proctor, aka Jerry Ferrara crushes it as the first nonathlete on the show!