Believe in Yourself with Ty Young

The WNBA’s sultan of swag, Tamera (Ty) Young joins the guys on this week’s Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles. Ty starts off the show with a few stories about playing high school basketball for MJ’s alma mater, adding that ––no big deal–– she has MJ beat in points scored (3:25). She then talks about committing to James Madison and her loyalty to that commitment even after some more prestigious programs tried to scoop her up in the final hour (7:15). She wanted to prove she could make it to the WNBA from a mid-major, and when the Atlanta Dream drafted her eighth overall, there was nothing left to say except, “Ma, we made it.” Ty talks life in the league and what the new CBA means for the future of the women’s game (18:00). She speaks on her experience playing under coach Bill Laimbeer and gives a few reasons why he’s so respected by his players (19:12). The guys get all-time sneaker rankings from the Queen of Kicks herself and say just how crazy it is that she’s never been offered a shoe contract (21:20). Q and D ask about her longtime friendship with Chris Paul, which leads to Ty’s take on what makes CP3 unstoppable as a player (28:00). Before she has to head out, the guys ask for the origin story of her clothing line, TY1 (31:07). The simple answer is … what else can you do when the league isn’t selling your jersey?