Life Out Loud: Pelé In His Own Words

Life Out Loud is a new series fromThe Players’ Tribune, where athletes go deep into their vaults to share memories of long forgotten moments from their lives. Listen as Pelé narrates the story behind choice moments from his illustrious career.

“I was 14 or 15 years old. It was a good time.”

“The second day after training they said ‘okay, we’re gonna sign.'”

“I said to the President of Santos ‘I was called to serve but we just got back from the World Cup. Please save me.'”

“He played very well.”

“This is in the Santos training camp before the game.”

“For the first two weeks I had to sleep at his house because I was too young.”

“It was not normal to see the bicycle kick so perfect like that.”

“My teacher said ‘listen, if you take a picture with me, I will teach you for free.'”

“When I got on stage everybody started to shout my name.”

“One these snakes has the name Pelé.”

“Men don’t cry.”


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