The Only Place I Want To Be

Jamal Martin for The Players’ Tribune

Basketball has always been in my life. I’m talking since I was sitting in my car seat on the sideline while my mom played college ball, and since I was following my dad around while he coached. Basketball has just always been there. And whether I’m putting up shots in an empty gym, or playing in big moments in front of big crowds, or watching my brother play and being his biggest cheerleader … as I’ve grown up, I’ve kept on falling in love with this game.

Basketball has never been just about basketball for me … it’s bigger than that. It’s about life and the many lessons it teaches. It’s about who I am and molding me into who I want to be.

I couldn't be more excited and grateful to be in this position. I thank God every day for trusting me with my talent and watching over me as I live out my dreams. I am thankful for every coach that took the time to recruit me. I am thankful for all my teammates along the way because I couldn’t do it on my own.

Coach Ty and DP: Thank y’all for always being there for me on and off the court. Thank y’all for continuously sacrificing your sleep and family time to be with me in the gym. I love y’all!

Coach PD: Thank you for being what you said and doing everything you said you would do! I appreciate you!

Coach Williams, Coach Cox and Coach Alice: Thank you for giving me the space to grow up and get better. Thank you for helping me learn to lead!

It’s hard to name everyone who has been there for me throughout my life but if you have helped me, supported me or prayed for me … thank you!

Mom, Dad and KB: Thank you for keeping me humble, telling me right from wrong, and telling the truth no matter if it hurts or not. Thank you for sacrificing y’all’s lives on a daily basis just to see me achieve greatness. I wouldn’t be here today without y’all. I love y’all.

In order to take my game to the next level and continue to learn and grow as a young woman, there’s only one place that I wanted to be: HOME! I’ve decided I will be attending LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY.

Jamal Martin for The Players’ Tribune

Family is everything to me, and I’m looking forward to adding the Tiger family to mine! Thank you to coach Mulkey and her staff for believing in me. I know that LSU is where I can continue to develop as a leader and as a player.

Thanks for watching and Geaux Tigers! I’ll see you in 2023!