'Agent Zero' Has No Chill

Another week, another killer guest on Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles. This time, “Agent Zero” Gilbert Arenas joins the show, and he gets into everything, including the time he busted up the Clippers when both Q and D were on the team. He also talks about going almost completely unnoticed in high school, and how fun it was to torch highly touted recruits. Arenas also lets us know that he was the first NBA player from the San Fernando Valley and explains why he got overlooked during the NBA draft — as well as how pissed he felt when he saw his name dropping down the board. He reminds Q and D that he was one of the O.G.’s of the jersey-swapping fad currently sweeping across all sports, And he tells just how hard it was to get KG’s jersey.

He then dishes on hoops — about spying on Kobe to see if he actually practiced at three in the morning, and speculating on whether his own long-range shooting would work in today’s NBA. Arenas also discusses where he got his unabashed confidence from, and why Larry Hughes had such a huge effect on his career. And you definitely won’t want to miss when he opens up about the $2 million birthday party he threw for himself to get a better contract from Adidas. Gilbert Arenas holds nothing back, and is sure to make you laugh.