Swaggy P

Los Angeles, California’s finest, Swaggy P, joins the fellas on this week’s episode of Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles. The guys get right into what life as a high school and college basketball star in L.A. was like for the young man then known simply as Nick Young. He reveals that he really wanted to stay in town after USC, and hoped that the Clippers would pick him in the draft. Then the talk turns from L.A. to D.C. and to playing for the Wizards. Swaggy P drops some
hilarious stories about Gilbert Arenas and how close the two got over their years in Washington. Gil even loaned him his $2 million pool when he got traded away from the Wizards, and their relationship has stayed strong ever since. Gil even has a celebrated beef with Nick’s oldest son. Nick then touches on his trade to the Lakers and how excited he was to get back home. Asked by the guys about Kobe, he tells some funny — and revealing — stories, including one about a 4 a.m. workout at which Kobe came across more coach than teammate. The talk turns to the origin of the Swaggy P nickname and then Nick tells what it meant to him to win a championship with the Warriors. Nick, er, Swaggy then talks about his own brand, Most Hated, and gives his take on fashion in the league these days, specifically who he thinks has the most swag in the NBA. Swaggy P never fails to
bring the celebrations and the chill California vibes. Tune in!