Darius Miles

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Wounded Warrior

This episode contains content and topics that may be difficult for some listeners. Listener discretion is advised.

With two taps to the head, former NBA star Darius Miles left his stamp on the game of basketball forever. As one of the few players to go straight to the league from high school, to hoops fans, D-Miles is a legend, whose contributions to the culture defined a generation. Toward the end of his NBA career, though, life off the court began to take a serious toll on Miles. He lost his grandfather, his grandmother and ultimately his mother in 2013. She was his No. 1 supporter, and her death really broke him down. The weight of his experiences growing up in poverty, surrounded by violence, caught up with him. Adding to his grief, he struggled with injuries on the court and unexpected financial hardship. Listen in to Darius’s story and hear how he built the castle back up. 

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