Episode 3 - Four Christmases: Relatives & Skeletons

On Episode 3 of Caramel & Cheddar, Eddy and Patrice dress for the holidays as they revisit Eddy’s favorite movie, Four Christmases, starring Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon. Eddy and Patrice share their views on the process of introducing a significant other to your family and examine the elements of negotiating change in a relationship. In addition, Eddy and Patrice define just which secrets from the past should be divulged to your romantic interest. This chat is as hilarious as that classic rom-com…. Tune in! 

  1. Patrice shares that she had to overcome the gold-digger stigma that Eddy’s family put on her (08:45)
  2. Eddy recalls Patrice’s pastor trying to get him to invest in his business idea during marriage counseling (13:55)
  3. Patrice stands firm on the one thing she will never do for Eddy (28:00) 
  4. Eddy reacts to learning new things about Patrice from her past (32:30)

About Caramel & Cheddar: 

Welcome to Caramel & Cheddar, an entertainment-and-relationship podcast hosted by NBA Champion Eddy Curry and his wife, former Basketball Wives star, Patrice Curry, who break down the elements of the on-screen relationships portrayed in popular love films.

Caramel & Cheddar provides an unprecedented look into the lives of a celebrity relationship, by way of vulnerability and heartwarming honesty. Laugh, cry, reflect and grow alongside Eddy and Patrice as they share real-time revelations about their own lives and relationships through these films. 

So get ya popcorn ready, chime in, and let us know what movies we should break down next!

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