Put the Kids to Bed
by Kasper Schmeichel
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The Best Footballer I’ve Played WithKasper Schmeichel
Jun 16 2018

He has ability beyond words with a football.

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Everything's Not O.K.
Everything's Not O.K.
Nick BoyntonEverything's Not O.K.

I don’t want to die. But, you know, nothing is for certain. And I’m tired of keeping quiet. So for whatever it’s worth … here goes.

Fyodor SmolovWelcome

Whether you’re visiting my home country, or watching the tournament from far away, I want to say welcome to Russia.

A.J. DeLaGarzaLuca

“Your son is the sickest child in the entire hospital.” Those were the doctor's exact words. I broke down and cried when I heard them.

Episode 4
by Al Harrington, Jared Jeffries, and Quentin Richardson

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For My Father
For My Father
David VillaFor My Father

Without him, I would never have played for Valencia, Barça or Atlético Madrid. I’d never have won the World Cup.