That New York Feeling
By Allonzo Trier
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Remember the NameCallum Hudson-Odoi
May 8 2019

How can you even racially talk about somebody else, and discriminate them because they're a different colour to you?

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Mario GötzeDanke

Some of the greatest moments I’ve lived in football have come directly after some of the darkest. And the same is true for the reverse.

The Note
The Note
Alex MorganThe Note

The World Cup can be a platform for female empowerment, and we want to capitalize on that, both on and off the field.

Giannis Is the MVP
By Pau Gasol

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Miguel AguilarIndocumentado

Soy un futbolista profesional, pero esta no es una historia deportiva. No es una “historia de éxito” ni tampoco una historia para llorar.