Episode 4 - The Best Man: The Double-standard in Cheating

On Episode 4 of Caramel & Cheddar, Patrice slips on her wedding dress as her and Eddy revisit the classic film, The Best Man starring Taye Diggs, Morris Chestnut, Terrance Howard, Nia Long & Sanaa Lathan.  Eddy and Patrice debate about the double standard in cheating, whether or not one should take their infidelity to the grave and who's more at fault when a friend cheats with your significant other? In addition, Eddy and Patrice can’t stop laughing at just how different their point of views are on this one. This just might be our spiciest episode yet…. Tune in! 

  1. Eddy makes his case for why women cheating is more malicious than men cheating (05:03)
  2. Eddy shares why he would forgive his wife and not his friend if the two had an affair together (34:45)
  3. Patrice compares Eddy’s past infidelity to Mia’s actions in The Best Man (22:00) 
  4. Patrice reveals that if she ever cheated she would take it to the grave (28:00)

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