September 26, 2016

My Final Season

I’m at peace with retiring, but I’ve got one more ride left. One more season.


The Bengals beat the Dolphins, 22-7, behind A.J. Green's 173 yards and TD

September 20, 2016

First Step: Richard Sherman

I always felt like there was more to the inner city, that there was more to places like where I come from. There were great people there who could make it, who could be successful, who could mean something to this world — but they just weren’t given a chance. You never know who’s going to flourish.

September 26, 2016

Ballers: Season 2 Finale

Did you know … that Eddie George minored in acting at Ohio State? O.K. I made that up, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he had.

September 23, 2016

To Clippers Fans

I’ll just get it out of the way. Last season sucked. I am truly sorry. What happened in Toronto was 100 percent my fault. I messed up.

September 25, 2016

Rest in Peace, José Fernández

When anyone’s life is cut short, it’s a shock to all of us. But José Fernández fought his way to this country, and rose to be among the best in the game.

September 23, 2016


For Terence Crutcher’s family and friends, this is not some abstract situation or trending topic. The media will move on to the next story soon enough. But Tiffany will have to live with this reality and tragedy for the rest of her life.

José Fernández (1992–2016) - September 25, 2016

The Sports World Mourns José Fernández

Athletes across sports took to social media to both share their grief and to honor and remember Marlins pitcher José Fernández, who was killed Sunday in a boating accident. He was 24 years old.