Episode 6 - A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

On Episode 6 of Caramel & Cheddar, Eddy and Patrice break down Martin Lawrence’s directorial debut, A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, which also stars Regina King, Bobby Brown and Lynn Whitfield. Eddy and Patrice discuss the code of conduct of a player, whether it’s possible to change someone and what the consequences for being a playboy are. This is a hilarious discussion as Eddy and Patrice clearly have different views on these topics and adamantly disagree at points.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Eddy and Patrice disagree on whether it’s O.K. to tell someone you love them when you don’t mean it
  2. Eddy reveals how he suffered what was almost a career-ending injury after lying to Patrice
  3. Eddy shares from experience the best way to change if you’re a man living in sin
  4. Patrice recalls telling Eddy and his teammates that she would snitch if she witnessed any infidelity behind their wives’ backs

About Caramel & Cheddar: 

Welcome to Caramel & Cheddar, an entertainment-and-relationship podcast hosted by NBA Champion Eddy Curry and his wife, former Basketball Wives star, Patrice Curry, who break down the elements of the on-screen relationships portrayed in popular love films.

Caramel & Cheddar provides an unprecedented look into the lives of a celebrity relationship, by way of vulnerability and heartwarming honesty. Laugh, cry, reflect and grow alongside Eddy and Patrice as they share real-time revelations about their own lives and relationships through these films. 

So get ya popcorn ready, chime in, and let us know what movies we should break down next!

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