Episode 5 - Fences: Working Through An Extramarital Affair

On Episode 5 of Caramel & Cheddar, Eddy and Patrice delve into the Oscar nominated film Fences, starring Viola Davis and Denzel Washington, who also directed the movie. Eddy and Patrice discuss many personal and introspective topics, including the role that parents should play in their kids’ career choices, and how to deal with living a life that hasn’t met your expectations. Things get very emotional as Eddy and Patrice open up like never before about Eddy’s extramarital affair, about the two children he had outside of their marriage, and about how they eventually worked through it all. 

Episode Highlights:

1. Eddy recalls how his mother changed his life by forcing him to play AAU basketball. (08:00)
2. Patrice shares that she wishes Eddy had pushed their kids to play sports. (12:05) 
3. Patrice shares how she deals with feeling that her life hasn’t met her expectations after she deferred her dreams for her family. (36:00) 
4. Eddy and Patrice share the true story behind Eddy’s highly publicized extramarital affair, which ended with the death of his mistress and one of his children. (44:20)

About Caramel & Cheddar: 

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