Darrell Armstrong

It’s NBA Finals week and we got the longest tenured assistant coach in the league on to talk shop. Mavs’ coach Darrell Armstrong joins Q and D to break it all down. Darrell discusses his journey from undrafted to playing overseas to having a 13-year NBA career. He talks about transitioning from player to coach, what it’s been like working with Luka and Kyrie, and how much he respects J Kidd. Darrell’s story is one of a kind and now he’s in the Magic Hall of Fame and coaching in the NBA Finals — tune in! 

Episode Highlights:

  1. Growing up not playing organized basketball, getting into it late in high school (6:40) 
  2. Going to Fayetteville State for football and eventually playing hoop (12:22) 
  3. Bouncing around leagues after college and going overseas (17:08)
  4. Getting the call to sign with the Magic for their ’95 playoff run, beating MJ (21:04) 
  5. Dunk Contest, accidentally doing a layup (38:56)
  6. Getting into coaching and joining the Mavericks staff (57:28)
  7. Coaching Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving (59:30)
  8. Knowing Jalen Brunson was going to be a superstar in New York (1:05:40)
  9. Dante Exum and P.J. Washington becoming key players for the Mavs (1:13:30)

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