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Jamal Crawford is back in the building on Knuckleheads. One of the smoothest ever to do it chops it up with Q and D about his transition from being a sixth man legend to a broadcasting beast. Jamal also explains how his CrawsOver Pro-Am has grown so much and how he got LeBron to come last year. He also talks about how proud he is of Seattle hoops and gets into coaching his son and shares some of his favorite parts of working for TNT. Jamal is family, Tune in! 

Episode Highlights:

  1. Scoring 51 points in his last NBA game (7:09) 
  2. Playing Gillie Da Kid in one-on-one (10:10)
  3. Jamal’s son, JJ Crawford, getting to work out with Devin Booker (19:30)
  4. TNT, what it's like to work with Ernie, Chuck, Shaq and Kenny (30:28)
  5. CrawsOver league, KD helping it explode in Seattle and LeBron coming in 2022 (32:53) 
  6. Paolo Banchero, how his game is growing and the Magic’s success (38:15)
  7. Jamal’s favorite young guards in the NBA (50:55) 

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NBA veterans Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles are lifelong friends and bona fide truth-tellers. Listen as they invite special guests, high-profile athletes, musicians and entertainers to get brutally honest about everything from current events to untold stories from the golden era of sports and culture. Named for the on-court celebration they made wildly popular, this unfiltered, hilarious and surprising podcast is like playing NBA 2K with no fouls.

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