Vince Carter

ONE HUNDRED, y’all!! For number 100 we’re doing a special two-part episode with the greatest dunker who’s ever existed. Vinsanity, or Air Canada, aka Vince Carter, joins Knuckleheads. The 22-year NBA legend sits down to share his journey from Florida to North Carolina blue to taking over the entire country of Canada. He gets into the Duke-UNC rivalry, playing with T Mac, and … he gives a step-by-step walkthrough of his iconic Dunk Contest. It’s the future Hall of Famer, Vince Carter. Tune in, y’all!! 

Episode Highlights

  1. The 1995 basketball high school class: best ever? (14:30)
  2. Becoming a North Carolina Tar Heel, Dean Smith (23:44)
  3. Learning Tracy McGrady was his cousin (40:31)
  4. Getting drafted by the Raptors (42:28)
  5. THE Dunk Contest (50:21)
  6. Impact Vince had on Canadian basketball (1:08:50)

Episode Highlights

    1. Olympic team and THE DUNK (0:00)
    2. Going to the Nets, playing with Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson (5:00)
    3. Antawn Jamison, the Orlando Magic, and which era of basketball is the best (7:52)
    4. NBA Top 75 list, his famous nicknames and favorite dunks (13:09)
    5. All-time three-point leader list, playing in Memphis with Zach Randolph, Mike Conley and Pau Gasol (28:20)

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